1) ADJ: ADJ n You use ultimate to describe the final result or aim of a long series of events.

He said it is still not possible to predict the ultimate outcome...

The ultimate aim is to expand the network further.

final, eventual
2) ADJ: ADJ n You use ultimate to describe the original source or cause of something.

Plants are the ultimate source of all foodstuffs...

The ultimate cause of what's happened seems to have been the advertising campaign.

3) ADJ: ADJ n You use ultimate to describe the most important or powerful thing of a particular kind.

...the ultimate power of the central government...

Of course, the ultimate authority remained the presidency...

My experience as player, coach and manager has prepared me for this ultimate challenge.

4) ADJ: ADJ n You use ultimate to describe the most extreme and unpleasant example of a particular thing.

Bringing back the death penalty would be the ultimate abuse of human rights...

Treachery was the ultimate sin...

Coleman lives in fear of the ultimate disgrace.

5) ADJ: ADJ n You use ultimate to describe the best possible example of a particular thing.

He is the ultimate English gentleman...

Caviar and oysters on ice are generally considered the ultimate luxury foods.

6) PHRASE: PHR n/-ing, usu v-link PHR, PHR after v The ultimate in something is the best or most advanced example of it.

Ballet is the ultimate in human movement...

This hotel is the ultimate in luxury...

Working from home offers the ultimate in flexible life styles.

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